Troubleshooting Electrical Systems with Schematics

This course covers the knowledge and step by step methodology to enable one to troubleshoot electrical systems. Fundamentals of basic electrical theory along with understanding symbols and circuits will set a foundation for the beginning of the course. Meters and their use are covered next with lots of hands-on work. The use of measurement devices combined with knowledge of circuits then becomes the focus of the course. This knowledge is used to understand and troubleshoot relays and motors, power distribution and quality, motor controls, electric motor drives, and more.

Class Details

Class Name:
Troubleshooting Electrical Systems with Schematics
3 Day Course

Learning Objectives

  • Review electrical safety
  • Examine troubleshooting
  • Review basic electrical theory
  • Read symbols and circuits
  • Review meters
  • Examine special meters
  • Use basic circuit measurements
  • Analyze relays and motor starters
  • Troubleshoot relays and starters
  • Examine motor electrical problems
  • Examine motor mechanical problems
  • Troubleshoot DC motors
  • Troubleshoot AC motors
  • Analyze power distribution
  • Troubleshoot power quality
  • Troubleshoot motor control circuits
  • Review electric motor drives
  • Troubleshoot electric motor drives
  • Evaluate programmable controllers

Outline At-a-Glance

Safety Guidelines

  • PPE
  • General electrical safety practices
  • Lock out/Tag out
  • OSHA requirements

Troubleshooting Electrical Systems

  • Review basic electrical theory
  • Review electrical symbols and circuits
  • Review meters and their uses
  • Voltage drops, current, and resistance measurements
  • Relays, contactors, and starters
  • Troubleshooting, relays, and starters
  • Motor problems, electrical, and mechanical
  • Troubleshooting AC and DC motors
  • Power distribution
  • Troubleshooting power quality problems
  • Troubleshooting motor control circuits
  • Troubleshooting motor drives
  • Programmable controllers
  • Troubleshooting IO modules

Job Roles