Certified Metalcutting Professional (CMP)

The Certified Metalcutting Professional (CMP) program is designed to demystify the metal cutting process and to provide defined and common selection criteria for all metalcutting tools. Tool selection criterion is based on proven cause and effect relationships that exist between three categories of tool design and application factors that can be applied to any metalcutting process. The CMP program is based on the fact that each factor within each category will provide a common effect regardless of the metal cutting process.

Courses in the CMP program are separated into three sections and address Engineering Principles, Turning Processes and Machining Center Processes:

  1. Engineering Principles
  2. Turning Processes
  3. Machining Center Processes

Who Should Attend

The Certified Metalcutting Professional (CMP) program is designed for the working engineer involved in metal cutting tool selection, process optimization, CNC programming and trouble shooting.


All courses are offered on the Internet and are available 24/7 using the latest e-learning techniques and format. The content and concepts presented in each course are supported by appropriate graphics and video. This is a certification program that will provide a CMP certification to the student when the program is completed.

Registration Information

How to Apply for your Credential

After completing the 15 Kennametal courses with a final test score of 80% or better on each test, send an e-mail to na-knowledge.center@kennametal.com with your name and date of completion. After verification we will send a Kennametal Certified Metalcutting Professional (CMP) certificate.