Companies struggling to fill roles requiring specialized skills are finally learning to stop headhunting and start training. By investing in programs that use a blended approach, combining online, in-classroom, and hands-on training, companies are building their own talent pipeline. However, one of the areas where they still struggle is in training their trainers.

“As an industry, manufacturing organizations tend to promote higher performers into lead roles without giving them the proper training to develop and mentor their teams. Poor on-the-job (OJT) trainers can lead to low morale and high attrition, resulting in adverse performance and missing financial goals,” said John Hindman, Tooling U-SME director of learning and performance improvement.

With an increase of new hires from an unskilled talent pool, it is more important than ever to provide trainers with a competency in delivering training in a consistent and concise manner. To meet this need, Tooling U-SME has designed a train-the-trainer workshop that elevates frontline supervisors’ and team leaders’ competency to develop and conduct new-hire, on-the-job training within a manufacturing environment. This interactive workshop, Train-the-Trainer: Accelerating Worker Performance, teaches best practices in the development and delivery of OJT. The class also covers the necessary knowledge and skills for ongoing trainee development and mentoring, including performance evaluation and creating a positive learning environment.

Grounded in theory and reinforced through practice and application, this workshop builds the required knowledge and skills for new-hire OJT training.

  • Defining how adults learn most effectively
  • Enhancing questioning and listening skills
  • Teaching how to develop on-the-job training
  • Providing practice delivering one-on-one training

The session also covers ongoing development and mentoring skills, including assessment, preparation, creating a positive learning environment, facilitating learning, and evaluating performance. In addition, there is a mentoring service available, which brings Tooling U-SME personnel to a workshop participant’s facility for continued personal development and evaluation.

“It's not enough to train the workforce; you also have to train the trainer. The training field can change fast, which makes training for trainers crucial,” said Jason Vernon, a Finishing Operator at packaging solutions provider Malnove, who recently participated in the workshop. “Whether you’ve been training for a while or never stepped onto a platform before, this workshop can show you how to become a facilitator of learning, not just a presenter. This will allow you to build confidence and engage your audience from the beginning.”