Aerospace Energy Systems
150-year old manufacturing company elevates knowledge with improved learning culture
“We needed to make a change, and after working with Tooling U-SME and everything they had to offer, it really matched up with our needs. Tooling U-SME has everything we needed built into their curriculum.”

VP of HR for Aircraft Turbine
  • Growing pains caused by sharp increase in new hires and subpar onboarding model that didn’t scale
  • Aging workforce – number of retirees doubled last year
  • Inconsistent training in newly opened international facilities
  • Training was subjective based on various leaders – some encouraged training, others did nothing
  • Assess incoming employees to create baseline of training
  • Create learning organization
  • Partner with community colleges, workforce organizations, and National Institute for Metalworking Standards (NIMS) certification to foster future workforce from public school students
  • Serious community involvement and collaboration – means skilled hires for suppliers too
  • Started training temporary employees also so that temp-to-permanent hires were seamless
  • Worked with Tooling U-SME Learning Services to develop a learning culture – incorporated lean, quality, and safety courses into required curriculum
  • Increased employee buy-in, not just leadership
  • Established baseline of knowledge
  • Hired 115 qualified employees out of the community college pipeline
  • NIMS grants pay for student training program