Automotive Supplier
Automotive supplier creates curriculum specific to job roles with Tooling U-SME
“We look at our relationship with Tooling U-SME as a partnership where they’re not only supplying content to us, but helping us design the right testing within that database—to allow us to do that individualized skill gap assessment we were unable to do before.”

Director of Talent Management and Organizational Development
  • Building capacity
  • Understanding nuanced differences between different auto companies’ systems
  • Integrating more technology into operations
  • Developing different types of skill sets for technicians on shop floor
  • Integrating quality training system across operating system; then focus on specific learning needs
  • Tying training content back to jobs
  • Established a partnership with Tooling U-SME including content, testing and individualized skill gap assessments
  • Created curriculum geared to specific positions, including supervisors and support functions
  • Executed assessments at three proficiency levels
  • Distributed training content on global scale
  • Formed partnerships with trade schools
  • Procured grant funding
  • Embedded learning and development throughout company
  • Expanded customer base, reducing dependency on a leading auto manufacturer from 100% to 41%; on track to reduce dependency to 32% by 2020
  • Reached midway point of five- to seven-year talent strategy plan, improving operational effectiveness
  • Achieved profitable global growth and diversification
  • Increased quality by decreasing discrepant parts per million from more than 13,000 in 1994 to just over 400 between 2005-2016