Community College Apprenticeships
Apprenticeship program produced over 80 trained workforce employees in four years
“Companies can no longer stand back and think they can solve the workforce skills gap themselves – they have to take the intiative to develop young people or be out of business.” Cuyahoga Community College and Tooling U-SME partnered to provide apprenticeship training to fill the gap.
  • Companies are finding it difficult to retool their workforce and find potential employees on the open market
  • Manufacturing companies are seeing many workers close to retirement in 3-5 years creating a critical skills gap with the most significant needs in the skilled production sector. 40 – 60% of top quality senior Workforce employees could disappear by 2021
  • Difficulty in finding the time to train with already limited resources

Cuyahoga Community College and Tooling U-SME offered two programs for both pipeline and incumbent workers

  • Pre-Apprenticeship – entry level: prepares those new to the industry for a formal Registered Apprenticeship training program
  • Apprenticeship program – Competency-based Registered Apprenticeship certified by the Ohio Apprenticeship Council and DOL
  • Cuyahoga Community College partnered with Tooling U-SME to create a hybrid pre-apprenticeship program that combines online, classroom, and hands-on education for Tri-C’s regional industry-driven training and On-the-Job (OJT) training requirements
  • More than 80 apprenticeships with approximately 34 companies were completed over four years
  • Classes only require 1 night per week making it flexible for both the apprentice and companies
  • Students were able to apply apprenticeship credit towards an Associate Degree and receive a journey level card by the end of the program