Custom Resin Solutions
Custom resin solutions manufacturer develops training program with Tooling U-SME
“This has been a pretty large-scale learning services project, and Tooling U-SME has been very helpful throughout the development and implementation process.”

Training Specialist
  • Missing training material for new site in different state
  • Acquiring qualified workforce at two sites
  • Replacing outdated custom classes
  • Improving inhouse, instructorled training
  • Implementing success measurement
  • With Tooling U-SME, developed training program that includes program purpose, governance, records maintenance, employee progression, and roles and responsibilities
  • Engaged subjectmatter experts from Tooling U-SME who understood company processes and documented tribal knowledge
  • Created job qualification standards (JQS) and on-the-job training (OJT) materials
  • Identified eight job roles at new site
  • Created operating manuals for workers new to job roles
  • Developed competency modeling
  • Conducted JQS audits of employees
  • Implemented consistent training
  • Lowered new-hire turnover
  • Reduced of error rate and quality issues
  • Created gr eater transparency— Employees can easily access and complete JQS training; trainers can see when employees are ready to be audited