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Mohawk Industries expands apprenticeship model to produce new high-skilled employees
“Mohawk partnered with the Robert C. Byrd Institute (RCBI) Tooling U-SME and others for an apprenticeship program”
  • “We could not find the talent we needed for the vacancies we had and knew we had to take a different approach” (Linda McEntire; Director or Technical Training Programs Mohawk Industries)
  • Mohawk wanted to start apprenticeships in mechatronics and needed a program that could expand to offer apprenticeships in other occupations to corporate sites in more than a dozen states in the future
  • “We want those who participate in an apprenticeship program to learn new skills and gain valuable industry credentials while earning a salary” (Kenneth Milnes; Director U.S. Department of Labor)
  • The U.S. Department of Labor awarded RCBI $4.9 million to Apprenticeship Works which leveraged unique expertise from Tooling U-SME and others to deliver Apprenticeship Programs
  • In conjunction with Tooling U-SME, RCBI provided Mohawk Industries with apprenticeships in mechatronics providing the skills necessary to work on all kinds of machinery from conveyor belts to robots
  • Tooling U-SME created a Competency-Based Apprenticeship Framework for occupations that include manual and computercontrolled machining as well as emerging fields of additive manufacturing, composites, robotics, and others
  • “The benefits of apprenticeships are substantial for manufacturers. It’s going to produce high-skilled employees and reduce turnover” (Kenneth Milnes: State Director U.S. Department of Labor)
  • Apprenticeships increase productivity and give manufacturers a more diverse workforce
  • In addition to learning new skills and gaining valuable industry credentials, some apprentices work toward an associate degree from a community college, further enhancing their careers