Global Electric Motor Manufacturer
Improved productivity, career paths and succession planning are supported by developing performance-based training and development programs
“We chose Tooling U-SME because of the off-the-shelf curriculum. It was very comprehensive and required minimal customization to meet our needs.”

Plant Manager
  • No standardized training process for the company's manufacturing team members
  • Need a comprehensive, easy to implement program that requires minimal customization
  • Needed to put together a program in compliance with internal standards and external regulations
  • Tooling U-SME performed comprehensive task analysis to identify gaps and clearly define performance requirements
  • Tooling U-SME created clear, competency-based training and development plans for multiple  production and supervisory roles
  • Provided online, instructor-led, and customized training resources for supporting the program
  • Tooling U-SME supported the creation of clear career paths and succession planning tools
  • Production rates increased following the launch of the training program
  • Workforce became more team oriented and employee turnover reduced
  • Improved culture of learning and raised level of employee engagement