Global Oil Company
First-rate training turns an energy manufacturer into a true learning organization.
“Tooling U-SME training contributes to the overall success of reducing scrap, while increasing productivity and on-time delivery. And employees appreciate that we’re investing in them. It’s a win-win.”

Vice President, Education Services
  • A worldwide manufacturer for the energy industry needed to expand on its Tooling U-SME pilot training program to fill growing workforce demands
  • Needed to develop and standardize a global training program and career path for new hires and
    incumbent workforce
  • Company was limited in its ability to provide training on a global scale because of its limited access to computers
  • Difficulty finding new employees with the needed skill levels
  • Limited curriculums for specific positions
  • Blended Tooling U-SME online and instructor-led training with the company's hands-on training, including assessments
  • Made entire Tooling U-SME course catalog available to all employees, anytime and anywhere, and built computer labs onsite
  • Integrated Tooling U-SME online and instructor-led training with the company's Learning Management System
  • Developed comprehensive succession plans that enabled the company to hire lower-skilled people with the plan to advance them to the skill level needed through training
  • Developed curriculums for specific positions and competency requirements
  • Paid employees for time spent in training outside of their normal hours
  • Transformed the company into a true learning organization
  • Shifted from a micro to macrosystem perspective
  • Built training models around performance goals
  • Cut onboarding time in half for new employees
  • New hires are efficient and productive faster
  • Competencies created for each job and employees now have defined career paths