Global Power Company
Customized training addresses skills gap and improves factory dynamics for a leading power company
“We finally have much-needed, standardized technical training that can be accessed by all employees, regardless of what industrial business they are in.”

Global Supply Chain Learning
  • Lack of consistent, standardized training accessible to employees across the globe
  • Large skills gaps across the company’s various business units
  • Limited availability of introductory technical training
  • Changing workforce – veterans are retiring and inexperienced staff is coming in
  • Weak onboarding program for new technical employees
  • Developed standardized technical training that employees of all the company’s industrial businesses can access
  • Mapped Tooling U-SME classes to six supply chain domains: sourcing, manufacturing engineering, shop operations, materials, quality, and environmental health and safety
  • Created a bundled set of manufacturing essentials courses for workers in new technical roles
  • Integrated Tooling U-SME training solutions into training catalogs and mapped them to domain learning solution documents
  • A standard training catalog that the entire company can leverage
  • Able to address competency gaps
  • Increased unification of the company’s various industrial businesses via training partnerships
  • Clear career paths for employees