Global Tool Manufacturer
Global tool manufacturer partners with Tooling U-SME for blended learning program featuring online training, certification, and instructor-led training
“You don’t need to grind your own wheat to make flour. That’s really where excellent providers like Tooling U-SME come in. If you want premium content, you don’t have to build it yourself.”

Global Training Manager
  • Missing internal training content
  • Widening learning gap
  • Managing five languages across the enterprise
  • Increasing range of skill sets needed across the manufacturing spectrum
  • Lacking integration between skills training, human resource information system (HRIS) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) system
  • Partnered with Tooling U-SME—a selfsustaining learning management system (LMS)— for instructors, premium content, delivery modes and tools
  • Developed four custom fundamental learning modes: computer-based training, handson experience, workshop content and individual responsibility
  • Standardized and connected content structure and delivery modes
  • Identified performance skills, specific skills gaps and resulting
  • Defined appropriate training resources
  • Established leadership support for training initiatives
  • Within 18 months, on track to see:
  • More machine uptime
  • Less employee turnover
  • Improved internal fill rate
  • Lower total training costs