Heavy Equipment Manufacturer
Company achieves 55% less scrap in 18 months with structured on-the-job training program
“We’ve seen good results since starting our training – we’ve really decreased our scrap a lot. Time spent with Tooling U-SME is an excellent investment.”

Training Coordinator
  • Hiring very inexperienced employees
  • Inconsistent on-the-job training
  • High rates of scrap
  • Lack of learning and development buy-in from employees and leaders
  • Higher turnover rates from employees that couldn’t run the machines
  • Lack of supervisor investment in learning and development
  • Created a new position (Training Coordinator) that only focused on employee learning and development
  • Worked with Tooling U-SME to create a structured on-the-job training program
  • Implemented vendor and leadership trainings in addition to staff training
  • Developed performance appraisals and merit structure for each position
  • 55% reduction in scrap in 18 months
  • Employee retention improved by 9% in 12 months
  • Increased employee morale and educational buy-in