Hydraulics Manufacturer
Tracking of incentive program decreased time for employees to reach higher levels of competency
“A big benefit of Tooling U-SME training is the LMS. It has been very advantageous for helping us by providing accurate records for ISO inquiries.”

Training Coordinator
  • Skilled workforce is aging out, with 50 highly skilled people retiring over a two-year period
  • Meeting the need for skilled precision machining and grinding on older, less-exacting equipment
  • Competitive geographic area makes attracting qualified employees difficult
  • Long-term employees don't have a structured avenue to develop new skills
  • Developed competency-based apprenticeship programs using Tooling U-SME for required coursework and testing
  • Offered required and optional coursework according to position
  • Provided open access to employees for ongoing development
  • Created incentive – 2% of quarterly income bonus for employees that complete 12 courses in that quarter with a competency score of 75% or higher
  • Incentive program has been successful in creating a corporate culture of learning
  • Decreased the time required to develop higher levels of machining competency
  • The Tooling U-SME tracking and reporting has provided accurate records for management and compliance requirements
  • Supported the successful installation and certification of a NIMS-based apprentice program