Machined Metal Components
Customized training fills high-skills pipeline for a New England high-precision machine shop
“The productivity of the shops never faltered during the training. And we’ve seen great results, from reduced scrap to increased morale.”

  • Unable to fill vacant positions with qualified employees
  • Lack of in-house training program for both incumbent and new employees
  • Need a training solution that won't impact productivity
  • No wage matrices developed
  • Developed job classifications and descriptions
  • Assessed the skill sets of employees
  • Designed a training curriculum to bring each employee to the next level
  • Provided training during downtime as too avoid affecting productivity
  • Increased skills among new employees and refreshed skills among highly skilled employees
  • Increased employee morale with company support and investment
  • Reduced scrap and rework
  • Able to differentiate company from competitors – large OEM customers were impressed that the company offered dedicated training to employees
  • Established tool to develop wage matrices