Medical Device Manufacturer
Life-saving proficiency achieved through a blended training program
“The device we inspect has to work 24/7. Quality is critical. Tooling U-SME training not only helped us increase quality, it shortened learning curves.”

Quality Manager
  • Lack of developed training program for all employment levels
  • Struggle with cultivating and retaining top performing employees
  • Lack of buy-in from senior management
  • Unsatisfactory performance on the shop floor
  • Started a 3-month pilot program with Tooling U-SME with a cross section of participants from all levels of employment
  • Created an apprenticeship program by partnering with local high schools that granted students access to Tooling U-SME's online catalogue and offered hands-on training on the shop floor
  • Developed a blended program including online, in-classroom, and hands-on training
  • Developed career path planning for all employees with annual development objectives and supervisory training
  • Overall improved performance on the shop floor
  • Increased employee retention and reduced staff turnover
  • Successful apprenticeship program was expanded to include local community colleges and veterans via the Department of Veterans Affairs