Medical Device Manufacturer 2
Key vacancies were filled by training inexperienced new hires
“There’s nothing comparable to the classes Tooling U-SME offers.”

HR Manager
  • Growing skills gap with veteran employees retiring
  • Lack of cross-training
  • Current training model strains productivity by taking employees off the floor
  • Onboarding takes too long, even more congestion caused by sharp increase in new hires
  • Partnered with Tooling U-SME to create a proactive training solution – what will employees need in the future?
  • Integrated new hire training into the onboarding process
  • Blended instructional training with hands-on learning
  • Improved onboarding process, less time to get new hires on the floor
  • Shift in learning culture – more buy-in at all levels of the company
  • Able to hire employees with little-to-no experience and train them on-site
  • Increased productivity with additional employees