Motion Control Technologies
Performance improved by empowering employees with learning and development training
“Tooling U-SME has had a lot to do with our improvement because it’s opened conversations with other engineers in the facility… increased communication has improved performance.”

Head of High Performance
  • Growing pains caused by sharp increase in new hires and subpar onboarding model that didn’t scale
  • Training based on highly subjective tribal knowledge provided by veteran employees
  • Formal training happened only after an incident took place
  • Problems with scrap and productivity
  • Trouble training “problem children” – veteran team members who resisted training style
  • Worked with Tooling U-SME Learning Services to develop classes for each grade of assembler and tester
  • Currently setting up Train-the-Trainer
  • Built an in-house computer lab for on-site training
  • Instituted peer-to-peer training, which helps with the age difference – veterans are more willing to learn from peers
  • Heightened the awareness of quality issues
  • Experiencing a three month downward trend in scrap
  • Increased employee investment in learning and development