Motorcycle Manufacturing Company
A training program that set the standard for workforce skills on a global scale.
“The willingness of Tooling U-SME to look at our company’s specific needs and provide recommendations… that’s huge.”

Manufacturing Technical Training Lead
  • Need to implement a standardized training program with consistent business objectives across multiple locations
  • Lack of skilled workers in the pipeline as the rate of retiring workforce increases
  • Current training program unable to meet the need of real-time business requirements
  • Company leveraged 400+ course catalogue of online training classes to support multiple training programs around North America and the rest of the world
  • Tooling U-SME helped build an onboarding boot camp for fast tracking the hiring and placement of large numbers of new associates
  • Tooling U-SME developed a comprehensive 5 year road map for deploying and managing a sustainable, competency-based training and development program
  • New associates ramp-up faster, with greater skills and awareness, enabling easier transition into the workforce
  • The flexible worker training model has been standardized, deployed, and adopted across all manufacturing locations
  • Corporate headquarters able to leverage its investment in Tooling U-SME and Learning Management System technology to drive improved manufacturing productivity around the world