Oilfield Equipment and Services
Oil company’s partnership with Tooling U-SME leads to 70% decrease in price of nonconformance.
“Tooling U-SME is what we need, this is going to make our program a world-class operation.”

Training Coordinator
  • Numerous vacant positions caused by retiring employees
  • Extensive scrap rates due to lack of employee training
  • Need to meet National Institute for Metalworking Skills (NIMS) accreditation standards
  • Integrated Tooling U-SME content into training program to align with the National Institute for Metalworking Standards (NIMS) certification standards
  • Align training with employee career paths
  • Partner with local community colleges to train the future workforce who will replace retirees
  • Set minimum test pass score to 75 to ensure workers understand content before moving on to the next class
  • Substantially increased workers’ knowledge of their jobs
  • Achieved 100% pass rate on NIMS online theory test
  • Price of nonconformance (PONC), which includes scrap, rework, machine crashes and warranty work is down by 70%