Precision Machining and Fabrication
A contract precision tool manufacturer used customized training to create a more responsive workforce.
“Rather than worry about how many classes somebody completes, I want to find out if they have the skills to fulfill their job. Tooling U-SME has been a great tool to validate those competencies and fill the gaps.”

Employee Development Coordinator
  • Increase competency level among employees
  • Need to develop a strategy to attract and retain highly skilled workers in an extremely competitive geography
  • Need to develop a training and development program that allows the company to create their own highly skilled employees from their existing workforce
  • Need to standardize baseline knowledge in order to quickly and seamlessly onboard new employees
  • Lack of soft skills among the workforce, such as leadership skills
  • Developed and emphasized a corporate culture that encourages continuous education so employees would be able to develop their skills
  • Implemented Tooling U-SME's Competency Framework, building a full training matrix based on competencies per job role
  • Worked with Tooling U-SME to develop new employee and leadership core training programs
  • Developed an individualized curriculum for each employee based on job role
  • Defined objective milestones for each employee and measured success against theM
  • Fully integrated training and development program has been the catalyst to a complete investment in the company’s culture of learning
  • Complete succession plan has been implemented to retain valuable employees and help new members of the workforce to move into high skilled positions
  • Workforce's core knowledge of Machining has increased by an average of 27%
  • Established themselves as a thought leader among local competitors by exhibiting the value of investing in their employees' development