Precision Metal Manufacturer
Every employee has the chance to advance with easy access to training.
“The best way to meet our customers’ needs is to provide our employees with the best training possible. Last year was one of our best years yet, so clearly, Tooling U-SME was the right choice.”

Director of Training
  • Lack of developed training program for all employment levels
  • Struggle with cultivating and retaining top performing employees
  • Lack of buy-in from senior management
  • Unsatisfactory performance on the shop floor
  • Started a 3-month pilot program with Tooling U-SME with a cross section of participants from all levels of employment
  • Created an apprenticeship program by partnering with local high schools that granted students access to Tooling U-SME's online catalogue and offered hands-on training on the shop floor
  • Developed a blended program including online, in-classroom, and hands-on training
  • Developed career path planning for all employees with annual development objectives and supervisory training
  • Overall improved performance on the shop floor
  • Increased employee retention and reduced staff turnover
  • Successful apprenticeship program was expanded to include local community colleges and veterans via the Department of Veterans Affairs