Rotary Cutting Tool Manufacturer
Carbide tools manufacturer strengthens workforce with integrated and updated culture of learning.
“Tooling U-SME is very good at working with you to ensure the training meets your needs. For us, it was an excellent fit.”
  • Uphold company-wide employee development goals of 50 hours of training per employee without detracting from productivity
  • Large skills gap between older employees and new technologies
  • Ensuring consistent training across all locations as well as with remote employees
  • Continue to create corporate culture that values continuing education
  • Work closely with established inhouse development team to support training initiatives
  • Developed specific online training program that employees in all locations could access, any time
  • Created in-house computer lab that allowed employees to train during down time
  • Created a structure for advancement that requires successful completion of courses in order to be considered for higher level positions
  • Developed class groups with a required set of courses for new job opportunities
  • Eliminated associates' time away from their station which increased productivity
  • Improved employee participation in training and development
  • Decreased gap between older employees and new technologies
  • Increased emphasis on employee advancement