Semiconductor Glassware Manufacturer
A glass manufacturer reduces scrap and rework by 50%.
“Tooling U-SME training has increased our operator efficiency – scrap and rework has reduced by 50%. And employees are excited about it. It’s made a huge difference.”
  • Inconsistent training methodology across Portland, OR and Durham, England locations
  • Lack of training assessment and tracking
  • Employees are unmotivated and disengaged
  • Low baseline of employee skill levels
  • High levels of scrap and rework
  • Utilized Tooling U-SME's unlimited subscription to the standard online catalogue of over 450 classes – allowed them to implement the training quickly
  • Supplemented Tooling U-SME standard training with self-produced videos
  • Accessed Tooling U-SME complete catalog of classes through company's own Learning Management System (LMS)
  • Provided training for CNC Machinists and across the entire workforce
  • Increased level of employee engagement and training buy-in
  • Improved critical thinking of operators has led to higher quality output and increased precision
  • Quality and consistency of finished products have improved, with scrap and rework reduced by more than 50% in 5 years
  • Company utilizes CNC Machining Centers for the machining of glass products - Tooling U-SME's standard classes have proven a good fit for their unique business