Specialty Bearings Manufacturer
Specialty bearings manufacturer awarded incumbent worker training grant with the help of Tooling U-SME
“Working with Tooling U-SME was a wonderful experience. When they came on board, they did a comprehensive and inclusive analysis of all our processes. What’s really great is their flexibility.”

HR Manager
  • Growing skills gap resulting from an aging workforce
  • Competing with large union manufacturing organizations for skilled workers
  • Declining productivity
  • Missing cross training
  • Managing inconsistent training
  • Tooling U-SME performed workplace performance assessment and comprehensive analysis of processes
  • Created a detailed, comprehensive learning and development plan
  • Gained commitment from senior leadership
  • Determined competencies for each job classification
  • With Tooling U-SME’s help, received incumbent worker training grant from State of Connecticut and created three-year apprenticeship program
  • Improved job descriptions, identified competencies and developed job
  • Created transparent career progression path for employees