Specialty Distributor
Tooling and gage calibration lab improves employee performance and satisfaction through training.
“Especially with Tooling U-SME, now I get to actually give other people a career. It’s phenomenal. I love it. I’m not a teacher, but I can give them this… a standardized training program.”

Integrated Quality Services Engineer
  • Need to increase ability to adopt new technologies and methods
  • More innovation in strategies and products needed
  • Employees lack motivation and report mediocre levels of job satisfaction
  • Employee turnover rates are high and morale is low
  • Need to enhance company image
  • Created a corporate culture that encouraged and rewarded continuous education
  • Partnered with Tooling U-SME on a three year plan to develop a standardized training program that was more comprehensive than the internally-developed program
  • Training is continuously revised and augmented based on employee feedback
  • Successful completion of training is part of employees' annual review process, pay increases, and promotions
  • Introduced other team-building incentives to encourage continued education, such as awards and company parties
  • Higher emphasis on training and development – corporate culture has turned a corner and places a great deal of value on learning
  • Since the implementation of Tooling U-SME's training program, the company has experienced a solid increase in Inspection and Applied Mathematics assessment scores