Truck, bus, & construction equipment manufacturer
Cost of quality reduced from $40,000 to $0 with customized online training
“Since we coupled Tooling U-SME online courses with hands-on training, we’ve eliminated over $40,000 worth of scrap due to lack of knowledge.”

Manager, People Development
  • Employee advancement was based exclusively on seniority, not merit
  • Training was too dependent on tribal knowledge, not standardized instruction
  • Training program lacked documented best practices and key performance indicators
  • High cost of quality due to lack of knowledge with new technologies and procedures
  • Recently acquired, company needed to transition from informal on-the-job training to measurable and standardized training practices and expectations
  • Tooling U-SME created an incentive-based online and hands-on program to train employees for advancement in current positions and prequalification for specific job roles in advanced areas
  • With buy-in from the union and plant management, Tooling U-SME built a comprehensive training program from the ground up
  • Implemented well-defined career development paths for Assembly, Maintenance, Machining, and Quality positions
  • Saved more than $40,000 in scrap in the first year
  • Increased employee satisfaction and morale with voluntary, incentive-based program
  • Onboarding time of trained technicians decreased from between six and nine months to just one month
  • Program still yielding positive results in its fifth year