Window and Door Manufacturer
Window and door manufacturer recruits and retains talent with the help of Tooling U-SME
“Train-the-trainer, the accelerated worker performance and the learning management system pilot are what’s on our radar [with Tooling U-SME].””

Production Manager
  • Aging workforce and lack of new-hire pipeline
  • Training needed across 13 manufacturing facilities with 7,500 employees
  • Rapidly advancing technologies
  • Developed clear job titles and descriptions
  • Worked with Tooling U-SME to place team members into the right roles
  • Assembled a staffing and development core team; set up a dedicated training facility
  • Implemented an employee progression program
  • Set up a systematic training process with accountability and commitment
  • Offered a pay incentive for completion of training
  • Garnered strong leadership support and ongoing commitment to employee training programs
  • Grew relationships with local education institutes, community colleges and high schools to help fill the pipeline
  • Launched formal onboarding and developmental programs
  • Ramped up tech trades recruiting, tying it to key performance indicators