Automotive Precision Engineering Company
Top marks achieved with customized training for a tier-one automotive precision engineering company
“Tooling U-SME gave us the flexibility, the scalability, the relevance and the content we needed. The results have been amazing. We’ve improved performance across the board.”

General Manager
  • Poor rate of on-time deliveries
  • High number of costly customer incidents
  • High rate of product defects and returns
  • Poor customer and employee perception of the company
  • Lack of clear career path for employees
  • Training is taking place offsite, which is expensive and inconvenient
  • Conducted an initial skills gap analysis to determine training and assessment approach
  • Built custom online assessments for Engineering and Machining departments
  • Developed a comprehensive training program to address those knowledge gaps
  • Restructured monthly bonus program to favor Tooling U-SME course completions and rewarded employees with the highest scores
  • Developed a pay scale program as a path to advancement for hourly employees
  • Went from 40% on-time delivery to 100% on-time delivery in two years
  • Improved quality and reduced defect rate by 60%
  • Improved customer and employee satisfaction
  • Increased employee morale and level of team work