Manufacturers are responding to the COVID-19 pandemic in different ways. Some are surge hiring to produce essential products, while others are scaling back or laying off valuable workers. Though there is uncertainty about the future, one thing is for sure: when the crisis is over, a trained and ready workforce will be critical to our economic recovery.

In anticipation of that day, we have developed a series of webinars to address specific aspects of onboarding and training that are applicable whether your business is surge hiring to address critical shortages or gearing up to restart production. These FREE, one-hour sessions will help you prepare your workforce for the challenges ahead.


Additive Manufacturing Gets Better, Faster and Cheaper with Training

  • Date:Thursday, August 27
  • Time:1:00 pm EDT


One goal of additive manufacturing training is to provide guidance to organizations in recognizing cost-savings opportunities. To do this, engineers must begin to design with additive manufacturing in mind. Without that central shift in development, additive manufacturing would never make business sense; with that simple shift, it is possible to design out significant cost drivers. This webinar will discuss enhanced team-based learning as a cost-saving tool, with a particular focus on design for additive manufacturing. Presented by The Barnes Group Advisors, speakers will be Founding Director John Barnes, along with ADDvisors® Tim Simpson and Chelsea Cummings.