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When you require sustainable results, you need expert guidance from the industry leaders in custom manufacturing training.

Tooling U-SME's Learning Services is a full-service consulting team that helps manufacturers develop effective training programs. We work side by side with your human resources and training leaders, management and front-line team members to build a training strategy that delivers measurable return on investment (ROI). We begin with observing and analyzing your workforce to identify the gaps that are preventing you from reaching maximum performance, as well as assessing your organization's readiness for building a learning culture. From there, we develop a complete strategy tied to your business goals.

Whether you're looking for a strong on boarding program, unbiased qualifications, standardized on-the-job training, or an ongoing assessment of workforce capabilities, we help you build an agile, high-performing and sustainable workforce by applying best practices in developing and qualifying workers through a fair system of measurement and validation.


Tooling U-SME's worker qualification framework develops and assesses workers' competencies to ensure they are performing safely and to the standards of the job. For each job within the organization, a tailored development plan is created to train and assess your workers in the critical knowledge and skills prior to conducting on-the-job-training (OJT). This includes strong on boarding, role-based learning, and critical skill development needed on the job. Then, a structured approach to OJT quickly qualities workers for assigned job duties. The proper mix oft training methodologies will rapidly develop workers so they can meet the performance expectations of their job.

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Through our collaborative approach, we take the time to understand your needs and use our vast experience to develop ideal solutions.

job definition

Job Definition

Idenfity the job roles in your organization, understand crossover between roles, and create career pathways.

standardized training


Transfer organizational knowledge and skills from your most experienced workers and structure on-the-floor learning through a sustainable and measurable program.



Measure the knowledge and skills of individual workers and better understand the capabilities of your workforce.

workforce analysis

Workforce Analysis and Advisory Support

Design and implement a learning and development program or build upon your existing program.




After years of working with a broken system, consisting of poor training, inconsistent job classifications and a misunderstanding of skills and competencies, we reached out to Tooling U-SME. Tooling U-SME delivered skill and competency mapping along with standardized materials for nearly 60 job roles, plus an implementation strategy. Thanks to Tooling U-SME, we not only have a foundation built on best-in-class principles, we have an organization committed to ongoing learning.


- HR Manager

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