At Tooling U-SME we have a proven, comprehensive approach to designing results-driven workforce development solutions. The content is aligned to business needs and built to achieve desired outcomes. The delivery method? Our portfolio of products lets you choose the options that fit your needs.

Already have on-the-job training in place? Our products make it easy to enhance it. Add the support of an online class. Easily formalize courses you’re already teaching. Augment curriculum with videos, white papers, or other resources in our online library. Consider a live or virtual instructor session.


Select from over 500 easy-to-use, interactive courses that reinforce learning and keep students focused. Track student progress with continuous monitoring and measurement.

Instructor Led

Benefit from the leading minds in manufacturing, with an unmatched depth of industry knowledge and advanced training. Delivered at your site or through virtual presentations.

Custom Classes

Consider a turnkey solution to add company-specific content to your curriculum. Three levels of customization allow you to tailor learning to your workplace and workforce.


Tooling U-SME supports nationwide apprenticeship programs with a competency-based approach to traditional apprenticeship models.


Take advantage of industry-recognized certificate programs in the most sought-after fields in manufacturing, from NIMS to lean, and manufacturing technologist to green.


Employ assessments to map and align competencies, curriculum, and the needs of individuals rather than use a single program for all students.


Gain 24/7 access to one of the largest digital resource libraries in the industry. Contains videos, eBooks, and  technical papers.