Introducing U/LINC®


U/LINCâ„¢ Instruction Engineered by Lincoln Electric

Tooling U-SME has joined forces with Lincoln Electric to strengthen the U/LINC® welding Curriculum Platform. Tooling U-SME now offers the U/LINC curriculum as part of its broad-range of learning and development product offerings.

U/LINC® is a complete curriculum of lesson plans, videos, student handouts, tests, presentations, eLearning, and more designed to supercharge your teaching experience and free you from curriculum development.

Download the Curriculum Brochure

Why choose Lincoln Electric’s U/LINC® and Tooling U-SME

  • The Tooling U-SME LMS system can easily administer, deliver, track and report the training activity of your learners
  • Expert Care from our team at Tooling U-SME to yours
  • A full welding curriculum backed by the Lincoln Electric legacy of excellence in welding and enhanced with Tooling U-SME online classes and support
  • More than 1500 assets available for curriculum building
  • Never worry about lesson plans again
  • Every major welding process taught, including emerging skills
  • AICC and SCORM compliant to work in your own LMS

Lincoln Electric’s U/LINC® is the only welding education program of its kind. The curriculum supports an ideal learning process for both students and instructors and is now part of Tooling U-SME’s Products. With more than 80 years of experience working with manufacturers and educators, no one knows how to build a successful training solution better than Tooling U-SME. Together we will ensure the industry’s workforce is well prepared to perform in today’s and tomorrow’s advanced manufacturing world.”