Apprenticeship Frameworks pair on-the-job training with our RTI, providing guided learning paths for educators and industry.


Tooling U-SME's Apprenticeship Frameworks are a series of predefined curriculum for common apprenticeship job functions, that provide related training instruction (RTI) using Tooling U-SME online classes. Our Apprenticeship Frameworks examine the necessary knowledge and skills that support common apprenticeship job functions, and provide a flexible model allowing organizations and educators to offer easily accessible solutions in alignment with business needs.

By pairing Tooling U-SME online classes as RTI with on-the-job training, trainees can complete their apprenticeships at their own pace from anywhere. Our online classes also provide trainees with the education and theory to help them increase their success.

Our frameworks are aligned with nationally recognized Department of Labor apprenticeship programs. They are easily incorporated and mapped into your existing programs or used as a foundation for a new apprenticeship program.


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