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Assessment Name: Machining: Fundamentals
Number of Questions: 90
Description: Basic knowledge on safety, inspection, materials, quality, machining, and math.
Instructions: This online test requires uninterrupted access to a computer with an Internet connection. For math-related questions, please have paper and pencils on hand for your calculations. Textbooks, calculators, and other electronic devices are NOT allowed.

The assessment covers the following classes:

Class Functional Area Format Difficulty Version Department
Classes 1 to 10 of 39
Basic Measurement 101

“Basic Measurement 101” offers an overview of common gaging and variable inspection tools and methods. Variable inspection provides a specific measurement of a part dimension using common devices such as calipers and micrometers. Both calipers and micrometers often include vernier ...

Foundational Online Beginner 2.0 Inspection
Calibration Fundamentals 111

The class “Calibration Fundamentals” provides a basic introduction to the importance of calibrating measuring instruments. Calibration determines the accuracy of measuring instruments by comparing its value to a higher-level measurement standard, usually a working standard gage block. Measurement standards follow ...

Foundational Online Beginner 2.0 Inspection
Basics of Tolerance 121

“Basics of Tolerance” provides a comprehensive overview on part tolerancing, including different types of tolerances and the relationship between tolerances and part dimensions. Every manufactured part must meet certain specifications. Tolerances describe the range of acceptable measurements in which a ...

Foundational Online Beginner 2.0 Inspection
Blueprint Reading 131

The class “Blueprint Reading” provides a thorough understanding of blueprints and how to read them. Blueprints are documents that contain three major elements: the drawing, dimensions, and notes. The drawing illustrates the views of the part necessary to show its ...

Foundational Online Beginner 2.0 Inspection
Hole Standards and Inspection 141

The class “Hole Standards and Inspection” provides a comprehensive introduction to hole inspection using contact instruments. Hole inspection ensures that a hole will meet its proper job specifications, including fit, diameter, roundness, and condition. Gaging instruments, like pin and plug ...

Foundational Online Beginner 2.0 Inspection
Thread Standards and Inspection 151

"Thread Standards and Inspection" explains the various parts of threads and how to inspect them. Manufacturers inspect threads according to unified or ISO standards or using System 21, System 22, and System 23. Several features must be checked to make ...

Foundational Online Beginner 2.0 Inspection
Lean Manufacturing Overview 101

"Lean Manufacturing Overview" provides an introduction to the principles and terminology of lean strategies, including a discussion of the seven forms of waste, the definition of value-added, the difference between push and pull systems, and the importance of continuous improvement. ...

Foundational Online Beginner 2.0 Lean
5S Overview 151

"Five S Overview" provides a thorough introduction to the purpose and process of 5S quality initiatives. This class includes separate discussions on each of the five steps, along with information on challenges, advantages, and possible assessment tools.

Many companies implement quality ...

Foundational Online Beginner 2.0 Lean
Introduction to Physical Properties 101

"Introduction to Physical Properties" provides an overview of manufacturing materials and their physical properties, including thermal, electrical, and magnetic properties. This class also introduces users to volumetric characteristics, such as mass, weight, and density. Physical properties determine how a material ...

Foundational Online Beginner 2.0 Materials
Introduction to Mechanical Properties 111

"Introduction to Mechanical Properties" provides a thorough introduction to key mechanical properties, such as tensile strength, hardness, ductility, and impact resistance. This class discusses how shear, compression, and tensile stress impact a material's properties, how force is shown on a ...

Foundational Online Beginner 2.0 Materials