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Assessment Name: Job: Machinist: Tool Room - UPDATED
Number of Questions: 200
Description: The assessment for tool room machinists tests for an understanding of manual machine operation, cutting tool theory, part inspection, grinding operations, and workpiece material properties. This assessment also thoroughly addresses print reading and math skills. Test questions are based on class material from the abrasives, inspection, manual machining, materials, metal cutting, quality, safety, shop mathematics/print reading, and workholding departments.
Instructions: This online test requires uninterrupted access to a computer with an Internet connection. For math-related questions, please have paper and pencils on hand for your calculations. Textbooks, calculators, and other electronic devices are NOT allowed.

The assessment covers the following classes:

Class Functional Area Format Difficulty Version Department
Classes 1 to 10 of 12
Intro to Abrasives 100

This class defines abrasive processes and explains the major groups of abrasive tools.

Machining Online Beginner 1.0 Abrasives
Intro to GD&T 200 (1994)

This class introduces the fundamental concepts of geometric dimensioning and tolerancing (GD&T) and describes the main types of tolerances included in the standard. This class references the 1994 standard. Includes an Interactive Lab.

Foundational Online Intermediate 1.0 Inspection
Metal Manufacturing 140

This class walks through the steps used to produce commercial steel from its original ore.

Foundational Online Beginner 1.0 Materials
Intro to Screw Machining 160

This class identifies the common components and operations of the screw machine and compares common screw machine designs.

Machining Online Beginner 1.0 Metal Cutting
Toolholders for Turning 260

This class explains the components and identification of OD and ID toolholders used on the lathe.

Machining Online Intermediate 1.0 Metal Cutting
Quality Overview 100

This class identifies how each department and function of a company plays a role in producing quality products for the customer.

Foundational Online Beginner 1.0 Quality
Machine Guarding 140

This class covers basic machine guarding practices and devices and includes information on hazardous machine components, motions, and actions.

Foundational Online Beginner 1.0 Safety
Shop Trig Overview 210

This class presents a general overview and refresher for the rules of trigonometry.

Foundational Online Intermediate 1.0 Shop Essentials (Applied Mathematics)
Interpreting Blueprints 230

This class provides an overview of common features found in prints and describes how to properly inspect them. Includes an Interactive Lab.

Foundational Online Intermediate 1.0 Shop Essentials (Applied Mathematics)
Locating Devices 107

This class identifies the most common types of locating components used in custom workholding devices and fixtures.

Machining Online Beginner 1.0 Workholding