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Assessment Name: Job: Arc Welder - UPDATED
Number of Questions: 112
Description: The assessment for arc welders tests for an understanding of electrical conductivity and circuits, arc welding equipment and processes, properties of metals, and print reading. This assessment also addresses proper safety practices. Test questions are based on class material from the electrical systems, inspection, materials, quality, safety, shop mathematics/print reading, and welding departments.
Instructions: This online test requires uninterrupted access to a computer with an Internet connection. For math-related questions, please have paper and pencils on hand for your calculations. Textbooks, calculators, and other electronic devices are NOT allowed.

The assessment covers the following classes:

Class Functional Area Format Difficulty Version Department
Classes 1 to 3 of 3
Quality Overview 100

This class identifies how each department and function of a company plays a role in producing quality products for the customer.

Foundational Online Beginner 1.0 Quality
Electrode Selection 270

This class describes electrode characteristics for the four major arc welding processes and explains how to select the appropriate electrode for a specific welding application.

Welding Online Intermediate 1.0 Welding
Arc Welding Aluminum Alloys 310

This class describes the welding characteristics of aluminum and explains how its properties affect each variable in the welding process.

Welding Online Advanced 1.0 Welding