Group Training on Laptop

Sometimes one size doesn’t fit all. When you need training for specific equipment, processes, challenges and needs, Custom Content is your solution. Custom Content provides targeted training that cannot be filled through existing Tooling U-SME catalog offerings. With Custom Content, your team will receive the exact training and instruction they need and they’ll be able to put it to use right away, creating instant ROI.

Like our traditional classes, custom online classes are quick to implement on your Learning Management System or our cloud-based systems, and are easily accessible on desktops, laptops, tablets and phones – making them an ideal training option for anytime, anywhere learning.


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Your Organization Has Unique Needs

Retain institutional knowledge

Is your company experiencing an exodus of legacy knowledge?

Overcome geographic challenges

Does your company have a workforce that is located in dispersed locations?

Monitor training activity and requirements

Is your company required to provide regulatory or compliance training?

Custom content through Tooling U-SME’s dedicated team may be for you if you have a need for training on:

  • Outdated training
  • System upgrades
  • Capture of retirement-age legacy knowledge
  • Business process problem avoidance
  • Equipment/processes unique to your company
  • Converting training to elearning
  • Process- or equipment-specific maintenance

Custom Content Is Your Solution

Custom Content includes classes designed specifically for your organization that focus on your proprietary knowledge and unique equipment, processes, challenges and needs. We use your existing training materials and resources to develop training solution specific to your organization.

Tooling U-SME Custom Content InfographicWe use your existing training materials and resources to develop custom training for your organization.

Our dedicated team will work with you to ensure that your training needs are met on a schedule that works for you. What’s more, your custom course offerings will be available to your workforce right alongside any Tooling U-SME catalog courses they may already be taking for a seamless training experience.