World-class manufacturing deserves world-class training.

There’s a reason that one in five community colleges and over half of the Fortune 500 manufacturing companies use Tooling U-SME to train their workforce and their students. In fact, no other provider has delivered more online manufacturing training classes than Tooling U-SME.  We are constantly adding new and updated classes to our online catalog. View our upcoming class release schedule for new titles that are in development, or click below to see our full catalog of classes.


Why do so many choose Tooling U-SME? Our online classes:

  • Consist of over 500 unique titles
  • Cover dozens of categories and hundreds of topics
  • Are developed with the best subject-matter experts in the world
  • Include pre- and post-tests to help gage mastery and ROI
  • Are presented at beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels
  • Offer incredible ease-of-use for students, managers, and administrators
  • Captivate students with engaging, instructive multimedia
  • Are delivered in English and Spanish, with voiceovers in both languages
  • Are mapped to specific competencies for every area, role, and function by our Tooling U-SME Competency Framework

Since the year 2000, Tooling U-SME has used sound methodology, backed by over 80 years of hands-on manufacturing experience, to create the most comprehensive and authoritative content available.

Scalable training with measurable results.

We can support your existing workforce and train the next generation in one complete package, sized to any organization or budget. Plus, your training administrators can monitor the entire learning process, from baseline knowledge to time spent in each self-paced course. They can view progress and scores and have instant access to a variety of reporting options. Implementing top-notch workforce development has never been easier.

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