Tooling U-SME has a history of collaborating with workforce development education providers and industry to deliver successful results that transform talent into business outcomes. We understand that manufacturers continue to face challenges with hiring and retention. Maintaining a skilled workforce is a key differentiator for success. We provide customized training for local manufacturers to ensure their specific solutions are met.

Partnerships — Tooling U-SME works with industry partners to provide knowledge assessments, education and training programs that will identify skills gaps to help build career progression models. We build strategies for success that have a clear, measurable impact for our clients.

Client Success Managers — Our team of experts will work with your client-facing personnel to provide marketing support, implementation strategies, sales support and client success management, while leveraging relationships to deliver targeted learning solutions for your local industry. 

Learning Services — Our Learning Service Consultants will provide your team with additional capacity, flexibility and high-quality workforce development solutions for the clients you serve. Our job qualification standards, train-the-trainer program and other programs will help provide the organizations you work with a clear skills path they can use to hire new employees and upskill their existing workforce, taking employees to the next level.  

  • Are modularized to fit into company schedules
  • Include CNC machining, mechatronics, welding, additive manufacturing, quality, safety, automation, robotics and more
  • Provide pre- and post-assessments to identify and close skills gaps
  • Offer Turnkey Training with quick-start guidelines to upskill your workforce, validate worker competence and address the critical skills gap
  • Incorporate a robust Learning Management System (LMS) that tracks and measures results