Tooling U-SME partners with workforce development organizations nationwide to serve nontraditional learners, including veterans, justice-involved individuals, at-risk youth, unemployed and underemployed individuals, and other special populations. We develop fast-track workforce development programs that connect career seekers with manufacturing job opportunities by bringing together the right stakeholders, such as:

Community-Based Organizations — Tooling U-SME creates workforce development programs that help connect the underserved population with jobs through pre-apprenticeship and apprenticeship programs, and industry-driven pre-employment training programs and assessments.

Workforce Development Agencies — Tooling U-SME partners with the public workforce system to deliver short-term, targeted training programs that provide people with the industry skills they need to get employed quickly and help fill the skills gap. 

Economic Development Organizations — Tooling U-SME helps to build a healthy state economy by partnering with economic development organizations to recruit, onboard and train a skilled workforce with skills assessments, pre-employment and on-the-job training programs.