Our manufacturing training provider experience includes 5,000 organizations, from Fortune 500 global giants to midsize private companies to educational institutions. We’re the choice of companies like General Dynamics, Chrysler, GE-Medical, Schlumberger, and Philips.

Collaborating with us on Workforce Development will provide your organization with

  • A trusted partner in program design and implementation
  • A team of experts who can lead, offering informed recommendations
  • A library of more than 20,000 learning resources that are tested, proven, and ready to use

Aerospace & Defense

Knowledge of complex component machining, exotic metals, and advanced composites drive success. Clients include NASA, Pratt & Whitney, Raytheon, Piper.


Redefining of jobs demands broader knowledge; higher-quality expectations require greater skill. Client experience includes BMW, Honda, Toyota, Chrysler, General Motors, Volvo Trucks, Eaton.


We’re training manufacturing’s next-generation workforce: High school programs, post-secondary programs like Community College certification and adult education, plus government programs, including Displaced Worker Training.


Consistency is a top priority to produce quality products from delicate components and electrical connectors. Bose Corp., Eaton, and TE Connectivity are customers.

Food & Beverage

Add complex food processing protocols to manufacturing requirements, and knowledgeable, skilled workers become mandatory. J.R. Simplot Company is a customer.

General Shop

How do you transform simple machine operators to true machinists? We’ve helped companies like PEN United, Minco Tool & Mold, Inc., and Tier One LLC accomplish it.

Heavy Equipment

Routine, repetitive jobs have disappeared. Manufacturers need versatile multitaskers to troubleshoot complex systems. Clients include CAT, John Deere, Rosenboom.

Industrial Sales

A sales force knowledgeable in manufacturing is the key to being solution providers and having a competitive edge. Clients include MSC, Fastenal, McMaster Carr.


Contemporary machining and tool design is a science, with little room for trial-and-error training. Clients include Allied Machine, Mazak, Kennametal.

Medical Device

Complex design, exotic materials, the critical need for quality – that’s the manufacturing challenge. Acumed, Smith, Stryker and Nephew, Inc. are clients.

Oil, Gas & Energy

A tightly defined skill set is mandatory to manufacture these massive, intricate structures. Partners include Flowserve, Schlumberger, Solar Turbines.


Increasingly complex designs, innovative materials, and constantly changing requirements make high-level skills a necessity. Partners include Malnove.


Intricate designs and unforgiving compounds require a margin of error near zero. We’ve developed the workforce of Asahi Kasei Plastics and Cope Plastics.