Listen to what our customers had to say about previous tuXperience events

Pamela Smith

Manager, Training and Development at Karma Automotive LLC

Bernie Ramos

Manufacturing Training Coordinator

Amy Whitaker

Training Manager, Toyota Engineering and Manufacturing North America

Jim Kirkpatrick

Sr. Consultant - Kirkpatrick Partners

June Hazzard

Group HR Director - Woodward, INC

Rebecca Davis

Sr. Human Resources Representative - Tosoh Quartz

Read what attendees from the past four tuXperience events have had to say!

Hearing from different companies can do nothing but help. The biggest takeaway for me was how critical defining objectives and outcomes are for the success of a training program.

It was good to talk with people already using Tooling U-SME and see what they are doing. If you can take away one little nugget from each person you will improve your process tenfold.

Being fairly new to the Tooling U-SME concept, I did learn a lot about the program - how Tooling U-SME will help our company, how training needs to be catered toward specific goals, how important implementing a training program on our shop floor could be for the development and maturation of our workforce… Everything was very beneficial.

Loved every second of it.

tuXperience is an excellent way to build practical knowledge through user companies’ experiences, and the speakers provided a great perspective on what needs to be done or considered to be successful.

It was interesting to learn how other companies were using the training.

Networking with other companies provides positive energy and additional insight on training directions and complexities.

I cannot say enough about the entire staff at Tooling U-SME, they made me feel so important and welcome.

I have been going since the first one in 2011 and they keep getting better!

As training professionals in manufacturing, we are not islands out there - there are other companies who have experienced the same challenges and have develop plans and solutions to meet those challenges. Sharing that information in our "community" is extremely valuable.

This was a great experience for me, and it was critical to hear from other companies who have deployed Tooling U-SME and hear from the challenges and successes.